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Resources and tools available to all AHED students and faculty.

Need help with your writing?

Unsure how to use citations? Try checking out some of these online writing resources:

Purdue Online Writing Lab:

This resource from the University of Purdue includes information on not only organizing your paper, but how to cite your sources using American Psychological Association (APA) format. Click on the “resources for documenting resources in the disciplines page” for lists of different citation formats, and how to create a citation in the right format for each source.

University of Wisconsin Madison Writing Center:

This handbook covers the basics of different types of papers, as well as provides direction on grammer and citation formats.


Zotero is a free downloadable citation and bibliography creator used by many campuses.


This site from Indiana University covers what plagiarism is and how to avoid it.

Research Resources:

The Digital Public Library of America curates digital online resources from libraries and museums across America, including books and images.

ProQuest LibGuides:

ProQuest database has an extensive list of academic and professional journals to help you in your research. The ProQuest library guides can help you find information more effectively!

Search Strategies & Evaluating Sources:

Strategies for Searching the Internet
Ways to make your search more efficient and relevant.

Evaluating sources - The CRAAP test.


This site Part of Family Education Network, this website covers multiple topics including history, biography, news, business, arts, and science, and includes almanacs, atlases, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. Infoplease

The Occupational Outlook Handbook:

This handbook from the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics is updated every two years and gives information regarding a number of occupations including training and expectations, job responsibilities, average salaries, working conditions, and job prospects.